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I am Catherine

Love of gastronomy and French service

The love of cooking is deeply rooted in my life.

As a child, I already loved cooking for my family, organizing meals, setting pretty tables, going to the market, shopping.

My passion for catering developed later, through my travels and my meetings. I discovered tastes and textures of many different cultures, ingredients, spices and herbs.

I ran a two Michelin star restaurant with her ex-husband. I was responsible for the wines and heavily involved in the creation of the dishes and the menu. I managed the service with my team of head waiters, waiters and clerks. Responsible for the wine list which I chose carefully. Surrounded by two extraordinary sommeliers with whom I learned a lot.

I had the chance to work in Asia and open myself up even more to this rich cuisine.

Then back in the south where I was born, I returned to cooking while continuing to cultivate my passion for wine and winegrowers in my wine bar. My days off are dedicated to discovering new gems and young winegrowers full of talent.

I am back in Asia, now in Vietnam, looking for professional opportunities and nourishing myself with this beautiful culinary culture.

I like to combine French cuisine and the exoticism of Asian cuisine. 

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